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Pennzoil DEXRON -III MERCON is a petroleum based fluid for automatic and powershift transmissions. It is fully qualified as both a DEXRON -III and MERCON lubricant and meets General Motors specification 6297-M and Ford specification M2C185A. Also approved Allison C-4 fluid and is qualified as a Caterpillar/To-2 lubricant. Specially selected friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance. Enhanced oxidation, thermal stability, and corrosion-resistance insure long mileage component protection. Anti-wear protection has been improved to exceed the most demanding requirements of hydraulic pump manufacturers. Meets or exceeds the following performance requirements or manufacturer's specifications: DEXRON -III (GM 6297-M), MERCON (Ford M2C185A) Allison Type C-4, Caterpillar TO-2, Sundstrand Hydrostatic transmissions. Suitable for use in applications requiring Ford M2C138CJ and Ford Type H fluids. Recommended for mobile equipment used by utility companies which require electrical insulating properties for hydraulic oil. Has a dielectric strength of 35kV. Provides superior wear protection for all passenger cars and light trucks requiring the use of a Type A or Type A